Here are some pictures of mUnits prototype development process. I have no good camera at the moment so the pictures are a bit unfocused. I’ll make a new set with a good camera as soon as I get one.

Discovery Core mUnit with SD card and MIDI connectivity module
The heart and brain: the Discovery Core mUnit based on the powerful STM32F4 Discovery board.
Midi connectivity module with optocoupler to connect MIDI gear.
SD Card module to store data on SD cards.

Prototype development: ChipKit Core mUnit with text LCD moduleThe spinal cord: the ChipKit Core mUnit with text LCD module for serving sensor data.

Prototype development: the Circle Control Panel mUnit
The arms: the Circle Control Panel mUnit , 16-sector controller with touch-sensitive LCD display.

Prototype development: PISO mUnit
The nerves: the parallel-in-serial-out PISO mUnit to convert the signals from up to 128 switch-based sensors (white cables) to simple serial signal (black cable)

Prototype development: SIPO mUnitThe nerves: the serial-in-parallel-out SIPO mUnit to convert serial signals to 8×8 diode matrix signal. One chip can drive up to 64 leds, led lasers etc. to provide visual feedback or send distant control signals to another mUnits. SIPO mUnits can be easily connected in serial to control up to a whole gigantic led display.

I found the Howard Goodall’s series on music fundamentals to be very inspiring.