The MuSeq Tools is a collection of open-source open-hardware performance tools (mUnits), designed to give a freedom to your wishes and performance skills with a help of modern technology. It is a set of various core modules, sensors, control panels, and actuators to let you easily interact with music, light, pyrotechnics, wind or anything you can dream of.

Sensors are your interaction tools. They can sense anything, from a tilt of your arm to intensity of your thoughts. You have a choice of various accelerometers, magnetometers, laser beam switches, distance and capacity sensors, etc.

Control panels are more traditional interaction tools, from music keyboards to groovebox-like alien ship consoles.

Actuators are the tools to manifest the performance. From midi ports to control your music gear and light, to illuminated wireless dancer costumes, perfectly synchronized to the performance.

Core modules are here to unite this all together. The core module is basically an embedded microcontroller with a lot of input and output ports to connect to various mUnits, and a firmware program to define the rules of interaction.

The MuSeq Tools is a completely modular platform that can be freely configured to reflect your wishes. It is open-source and open-hardware, meaning that you’ll get complete software source code and hardware schematics (where applicable) with any mUnit. You can modify or use it in your own projects.